An English Summer

A 90th Royal birthday party, a village It’s a Knockout, Coldplay in concert and torrential downpours.  It must be summer!image

Our first overnighter of the season is in Whichford, Warwickshire and do you know it’s glorious sunshine.  Sitting here in my shorts listening to the birds and moorhens, with the local church clock striking the quarter hours.  Delightful.image

Our campsite, Cotswold Camping at Holycombe, is on the grounds of a Norman fortification, archaeologically excavated in 1953, now below ground, but surrounded by a beautiful moat which still exists.  In the centre of the campground  are standing stones presumably set in place after excavations, along with two bell tents, an airstream camper and a showman’s caravan.  The owner’s house is a holistic retreat centre, and they are getting ready for a family wedding, so it was great that we were able to stay.image

Rosie has a new awning. It’s a sun/rain shower awning in a very fetching blue and in the first couple of hours of being here, we managed both uses, but we are warm and dry in our Rosie.image

Our evening meal at The Norman Knight, five minutes from the campsite, was excellent overlooking the village green where there was a car rally going on.  You know the sort of thing.  Men of a certain age (Dubber included) looking at cars of a certain age that they drove when they were 19, which are now classic or vintage.  A bit like the men really.  Shame it threw it down with rain as rather than looking at engines and shiny bonnets (cars as opposed to female headdress) they were all collected under trees or the pub umbrellas drinking very wet pints of beer.image

Next morning we woke to a light shower of rain and a promise of sunshine which did accommodate us late morning.  A wander through Whichford and their lovely Norman church started our five mile walk. First stop was Whichford Pottery, an interesting place with shop, cafe and a wonderful array of pots.  We will have to stop their on the way back.  image

From Whichford we walked to Stourton and Cherington, two Cotswold stone villages linked to each other. But before entering Stourton we came across of all things a gin distillery! Well we had to stop and take a look, impolite not to.  Cotswold Distillery is a boutique distillery making amongst other things gin, absinthe and varieties of liquer.  England is full of surprises when you walk the countryside.image

Having enjoyed the walk to Cherington we had a pint of Hooky at the Cherington Arms before walking back.  A good number of fit points on the Fitbit so back to the pottery for a cuppa and cake, and a pot.  Oh and the dry loo too!image

Now even though I am now the seasoned camper, you know that I have a thing about loos.  I like my home comforts clean, fresh and flushable.  Not only does our campsite have two compost loos, but this cafe does too.  That’s means basically using a hole into the open air and sawdust.  I really can’t be doing with it.  Thank goodness the campsite has a flushable loo too or I’d be walking with crossed legs or having to drink many pints of Hooky in several pubs just so I could use the loo.

Full of fresh air and a good home (Rosie) cooked meal we relaxed in the evening with a glass of wine listening to the football on the digital radio and playing Skipbo.  image

This is a game we picked up in Florida and unlike Scrabble is a game that Dubber actually can win and yet he still moans with every turn of a card, almost as much as when he dropped the kitchen towel and it unrolled itself as it fell out of the van!

imageSo an enjoyable couple of days in the heart of England was had whilst the rest of the world went crazy.

Reminders (rather than lessons learnt)

  1. England in the summer is a beautiful place
  2. Stopping at a pub half way through a walk for a pint of Hooky is also a beautiful place
  3. Compost/dry loos are not beautiful places