A Year in the life of a tree quilt – the end

Back in January 2016 my partner in sewing crime and I each started a tree quilt. Essentially the course delivered by the lovely Marion at Love Heart Home was delivered once a month for a year and we would hope to have the lovely very quilt completed in the New Year. As you can see from previous posts it was taking a little longer than planned.

Well two years and a bit longer actually. But hey, it’s finally done and I’m quite pleased with the end result.

If you can’t see the detail, it’s a family tree in the middle, the seasons in each corner and different blocks of patchwork in between. Thanks to Marion’s guidance I used a paler fabric for the sashing and used the darker colour to back and edge.

I added some patchwork interest to the back (partly because I had limited backing fabric) and was pleased with how that worked.

What do you think?

A Year in the life of a tree quilt – falling in and out of love with projects

How many craft projects do you have on the go? Isn’t it funny if you’re into sewing and knitting and generally into your crafts we always end up with several unfinished projects.

I’m an avid reader and wouldn’t dream of not finishing a book. So why is it when I come to craft projects I’m always on ‘a break’ with something.

Take the tree quilt. I was doing well, even got ahead of myself doing a quilt square per month, but somewhere along the way I fell out of love with it. I didn’t want to see it. We weren’t going to meet up by the sewing machine. I’d really closed the door on it.

It’s life you see. It can get in the way.

Grandchildren to play with – won’t give them up, love them too much.

Friends to meet for a coffee – would miss that as particularly with my friends we generally chat about the projects we haven’t finished!

Volunteering at the library and church – well I like keeping busy and I have cut down. Did I tell you we won the Best Community Library at the Rural Community Council Awards recently?

Also we’ve been away in Rosie with the big trip across Scandinavia to Finland, a few days here and there and a music festival.


And then I have the weekly craft and chat group, always something crafty to do whilst we eat cake. We are crocheting and knitting poppies at the moment to poppy bomb the library.

Finished my first ever crochet blanket from Attic 24 – but still have two more to make, and nearly all of us have one on the go.

We have lots of great ideas but they create more projects – rag wreaths.

Then there’s the odd course we do – which creates more projects – collage boxes.

I’m being creative with our children’s activities in church too – harvest.

And then we have had a busy year of commemorations in the village culminating in me organising a community quilt.

And then there were the treasures of my Dad’s loft to sort. Some interesting finds there and more yet to go through.

And then I have quarterly kits coming from Craftpod and I’m just getting round to doing some crafts from them.

And then there’s the unfinished hat made of Hebridean wool and the crocheted sock made from Leicestershire Blue Face – wowza, so busy.

So booked myself into my favourite sewing shop, Love, Heart, Home and got back to my tree quilt. And the funny thing is I’ve fallen in love with it again. So maybe a break-up is a good thing when you then get back to it.

Rosie’s Scanditour Part 5: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T!

July 10: Making ourselves at home

Holiday photos always have to start with the Haynes feet. So job done. Rosie gets a rest and so do we. Sir O and Ros have really done a lovely job in making their home together. And it’s not long before Sir O has his work gear on. Sorry forgot to get a photo.

We do a bit of food shopping whilst Dubber has a rest. Have to say thought it was a bit of man flu but it’s not shifting, not helped by the heat at 28 degrees. I love going around supermarkets whilst on holiday and seeing all the different things. Have to say there’s rather a lot of American brands but I did find some Moomintrolls.

Back at home we are served, as we are going to be for the next couple of weeks, by Sir O’s fantastic cooking, ably assisted by sous chef Ros.

Oh and we are so far north now that the sun really doesn’t go to bed.

July 11: It’s coming home, It’s coming home, football’s coming home….

Today is an important day because England are playing Croatia in the World Cup Semi-final. We have a day to chill and the live-in chefs prepare a barbecue. We are to be joined by Ros’ friends Tim (from Leicester) and Timo who we met last time we were in Finland, which we reckon was about 10-11 years ago.

Anyway we are fed and watered and ready for the match. Tim’s even got his Leicester shirt on. Unfortunately we were not pleased with the outcome but we are very proud of what the boys achieved and enjoyed another evening with friends.

July 12: off to the woods we go

Next day we say goodbye to Rosie, pictured here with ‘Rucksack’ and head off north in Bertie Beamer, later to be known as Dirty Beamer because he collected so much dust after this trip that he changed colour!

Now this bit of the trip comes with a health warning if you dislike trees. There’s going to be a lot of them. I’ve checked my photos and there’s about 500, photos that is not trees – there’s about several million at the last count. Oh you want to see them all? Ok then, here’s a few for starters.

We have about a four hour drive up to ‘the cottage’. Now all Finns have cottages, places away from where they live, in the woods, usually by a lake and they go whatever the weather, to be with nature and as I’ve been reading Sisu. More of that later.

We are headed north on what becomes a very straight road, with, yes you’ve guessed it more trees. But the further north we go and the more remote it becomes we have to be on reindeer watch. The problem is you see things ahead that are not trees, shout reindeer and then it turns out to be something else, so we had bridge reindeer, skid mark reindeer, stone reindeer and cyclist reindeer. But eventually Dubber gets the photo we wanted.

They literally walk where they please and at a pace they please and if it’s hot like today they come out of the woods to get away from mosquitoes and sunbathe.

On the way we stop at an outlet for a well known Finnish brand called Pentik. Well I was in heaven wasn’t I. Might have bought a couple of things 🙄. Boys didn’t seem interested.

Anyway whilst there for a spot of lunch we also visited their little museum about life in traditional Finnish houses. Lovely photo opportunities.

Anyway time to move on and into the Arctic Circle

and a little further on we reach the cottage. Wow!

Just look at the view. What a beautiful place. I will leave you with some pictures. Words can’t explain as well.

Well someone has to 😃