In the MachairĀ 

Day 4 and we are so lucky. The weather is lovely. It’s windy but actually quite warm. Today we have walked through the Machair, special habitat for wild flowers that obviously protects the White sandy dunes. The flowers are beautiful.

Formerly (ie in the 1400s!) the land was owned by the McNeil clan, who now appear to run minibuses around the island and as far as I know, no longer behead their stepsons to ensure their sons become the next clan heirs. 

Our walk took us up to a cairn which overlooked the bay and the beautiful white sand of Halaman beach. It’s beautiful and what we came to Barra to see.

And I beat Billypops at Scrabble again -2:0.

And so the adventure begins.

We are off to the Outer Hebrides for an adventure in Rosie. This is really why she arrived in our lives, so we could do these island adventures.

After what was probably the busiest weekend of the summer yet we left late afternoon and headed north to our first stop.

TeBay Services, also known as Westmoreland or to us as Shap, is most probably the best motorway services in the world.  Fantastic friendly customer services in every aspect; the camp site receptionist knew us by name; the lady serving food, generous with the helpings; the coffee lady suggesting the dark hot chocolate might need a bit of sugar and yes you’ve guessed it very pleasant toilets!

And to top it off beautiful evening light.