imageIn September 2014 my husband Bill bought a campervan. Now the first thing you need to know is that I don’t do camping! So how come you see me here having a cuppa in the van?

Well I agreed that in our retirement, with our new found time on our hands (not true!), that it would be good to be able to just go off when we like to places near and far that we have never been to and always wanted to visit, and that a good cheap way of doing this would be in a van rather than a tent.

We agreed towing a caravan wasn’t an option. I am not the best passenger in the car at the best of times and towing an object would stress me out considerably (visions of caravan throwing itself around corners like you see in cartoons was not good for the nerves).

We also agreed a motor home was too inflexible, mostly the effort to park the thing in that small space allocated in supermarket car parks. Husband known as Billypops already struggles with car parks of all shapes and sizes so parking a 15 foot truck essentially was not going to bode well. So a campervan it is.

After many weeks of scouring the Internet, joining a ‘forum’, having a mentor, riding out to all corners of the country looking at vans, Billypops found her. I say her, because actually when we collected her, she was a ‘he’. We had a conversation about an appropriate name whilst traveling between Cambridgeshire, where she was owned, to Hampshire visiting our daughter. So we chose the name and he became a she and so the fun begins.

So this blog is our story, Rosie and GJ, who doesn’t do camping! Let the fun begin!

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