Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts

Tonight was Hathern Book Club’s 14th anniversary and we celebrated at Sue’s having read  Mary Gibson’s “Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts” with Pearce & Duff’s pink blancmange.   ‘Set in Britain in 1911, strikes and riots erupt countrywide as the shadow of the Great War looms over Europe.  But in one small corner of London, factory girl Nellie Clark’s wages are all that keep her young brothers and sister from starvation.  On top of this hardship, Nellie is forced to make a difficult choice between the family who depend upon her, and the man she loves…’ World Book Night 2015 Version. I think we all agreed the book really set the scene in terms of that moment in history and the hardships women faced having to work as men went off to war and returned broken men.  The love story itself was a bit twee and predictable. The evening made up for the lack of chocolate eaten at the last Book Club and the Christmas Tree for Hathern Church’s Christmas Tree Festival was decided – Prosecco bottles, chocolate and books will feature.  That’s so us!