Happy 2019

Happy New Year. Been thinking I should do a few mini blogs, so here goes.

I had lots of lovely books for Christmas. They are going to keep me reading happy for a while. First up

Who knew there was a Scottish way to be happy? Well I did actually. How can you not be happy when you have wonderful jewels like the Outer Hebrides. But then it’s so much more.

Following on from my reading about Hygge last year, this follows the same sort of thing but is focused on all things Scottish. Being a half Scot I really appreciate the concept of Coorie and all the traditions that go with it. According to this book ‘Coorie’ is the Scottish art of deriving, comfort, wellbeing and energy from wild landscapes and convivial interiors.

It covers Coorie in words, traditions, in the city and in the wild amongst other things and, wait a minute …. Camping. I do Camping! I have a new beaker to prove it.

Anyway you can be Coorie at the pub, in the garden, when you’re eating and drinking, with textiles (I knew a kilt was a sign of happiness), when you’re being thrifty and even at Christmas.

So I’m off to plan my Coorie for 2019.

Haud Hogmanay!

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