A Year in the life of a tree quilt – falling in and out of love with projects

How many craft projects do you have on the go? Isn’t it funny if you’re into sewing and knitting and generally into your crafts we always end up with several unfinished projects.

I’m an avid reader and wouldn’t dream of not finishing a book. So why is it when I come to craft projects I’m always on ‘a break’ with something.

Take the tree quilt. I was doing well, even got ahead of myself doing a quilt square per month, but somewhere along the way I fell out of love with it. I didn’t want to see it. We weren’t going to meet up by the sewing machine. I’d really closed the door on it.

It’s life you see. It can get in the way.

Grandchildren to play with – won’t give them up, love them too much.

Friends to meet for a coffee – would miss that as particularly with my friends we generally chat about the projects we haven’t finished!

Volunteering at the library and church – well I like keeping busy and I have cut down. Did I tell you we won the Best Community Library at the Rural Community Council Awards recently?

Also we’ve been away in Rosie with the big trip across Scandinavia to Finland, a few days here and there and a music festival.


And then I have the weekly craft and chat group, always something crafty to do whilst we eat cake. We are crocheting and knitting poppies at the moment to poppy bomb the library.

Finished my first ever crochet blanket from Attic 24 – but still have two more to make, and nearly all of us have one on the go.

We have lots of great ideas but they create more projects – rag wreaths.

Then there’s the odd course we do – which creates more projects – collage boxes.

I’m being creative with our children’s activities in church too – harvest.

And then we have had a busy year of commemorations in the village culminating in me organising a community quilt.

And then there were the treasures of my Dad’s loft to sort. Some interesting finds there and more yet to go through.

And then I have quarterly kits coming from Craftpod and I’m just getting round to doing some crafts from them.

And then there’s the unfinished hat made of Hebridean wool and the crocheted sock made from Leicestershire Blue Face – wowza, so busy.

So booked myself into my favourite sewing shop, Love, Heart, Home and got back to my tree quilt. And the funny thing is I’ve fallen in love with it again. So maybe a break-up is a good thing when you then get back to it.

1 thought on “A Year in the life of a tree quilt – falling in and out of love with projects

  1. I hear you. I think my oldest unfinished project is my mini quilt made with fabric bought in an Amish shop which I started in Germany in 2000 and still haven’t finished! Perhaps in the next decade…


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