‘Trust’ Rosie

We haven’t really ventured far in Rosie this season as our adventures in Florida took place. Now we’re back we need to get some Rosie time in before the summer adventure (you’ll have to wait and see).

Although it’s a Bank Holiday weekend we decided we would have a day out in Rosie and just leisurely travel around Warwickshire and a few National Trust properties.
Charlecote Park was our first stop. Overlooking the river Avon on the edge of Shakespeare’s Stratford, Charlecote Park is still the family home for the Lucy family as it has been for 900 years.

We had a brief tour of the house but then wandered the extensive gardens and deer park. The landscape is beautiful.

The great thing about taking Rosie out for the day is that whenever and wherever you stop you can put the kettle on.  It still gets me excited being able to do that.  After lunch we drove a bit further on and went to Hidcote, definitely on my bucket list of places to visit and wow was it worth it.

Actually in Gloucestershire, Hidcote is an Arts and Craft house originally owned by an American horticulturalist, Major Lawrence Johnstone who created a series of ‘rooms’ in the garden.

Being May some of the blossoms are stunning.


We loved it and have come home with lots of ideas about what plants we like….the Royal ‘we’ that is. Dubber doesn’t really know a peony from a dandelion but he did appreciate the beauty of the place.


So time for an ice cream and then we drive back into Warwickshire for our third and final National Trust house for the day, Upton House near Banbury.  Owned by the Bearsteds, in the Second World War they moved their family banking business into the house from London and moved all their art collection into caves in Wales.  There’s an interesting Bosch and a Holbein to be seen.

So lessons learnt on this trip:

1 A reminder that we are lucky to have the National Trust so we can visit all these wonderful properties.

2  There’s still nothing better than putting your own kettle on in a campervan to make a cup of tea.

3 Buy Dubber a book on plants so that when I’ve bought lots of new plants, he won’t pull them up again when he’s weeding!




1 thought on “‘Trust’ Rosie

  1. What a fantastic day trip, covering so much in one day. I know the feeling when you stop to make a cup of tea. It’s as if you’ve never made one before! Betsy has had a lot of work done on her recently with only a little (we hope!) to go. Intrigued to hear more about the summer adventure!! 😉

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