‘Happy anniversary’ Bill sings to me every year on our wedding anniversary. A song made famous on ‘Lunch Box apparently. Before my time dear.

Anyway it’s the week for anniversaries. It’s 36 years since Bill proposed to me on Skegness beach in the rain.  Yeah, ever the romantic, it was in the days you could actually drive onto the beach! 

And we are spending a few days in the rain on the east coast again, this time Norfolk, celebrating another anniversary.  

It’s the first anniversary of my relationship with Rosie.  This time last year we tried one night away in Norfolk and in doing so made contact with our friend Phil and his lovely jam and chutney-making Andrea.  So we are back at theirs for two nights hooked up and comfy in the garden of their lovely home, The Nest.

The weather wasn’t going to be kind to us but in fact we had no rain on our 6-mile walk to Cromer along the cliffs being blown over by the edge of a dying hurricane. I jest not.  Despite having to hold onto each other at one point so as not to be blown off our feet, it was a great walk along a well signposted path which forms part of the Norfolk Coastal Walk and Paston Way.

       Arriving in Cromer smelling the fish and chips everywhere we walked we had a light lunch – Bill had the Cromer Crab- and then pottered about until getting the bus back to The Nest, the bus giving personal service, dropping us outside the house.

 Back in the van for a cuppa and the obligatory Chocolate Hob Nobs.

 So Rosie one year on. We’ve had exceptionally good times.  You are still a sanctuary in the rain, home from home for a cuppa, and have taken us to some wonderful places.  And even more to come. Happy anniversary xx

1 thought on “Anniversaries

  1. Lorraine ad sharon we have enjoyed reading your blog it’s nice to seeing your grandchildren taken part can’t weight until we retire lol looking forward to reading more about Rosie xxx we want one now very jealous of you all xxx 🚐🚐
    Love Lorraine ad sharon ( La Coiffure hai dressers xx )

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