On the Bonny Bonny Banks…..

Day 3 starts with the lovely drive alongside Loch Lomond and through woodland with amazing swathes of bluebells.  Hey we brought the sunshine. Rosie is coping with the twisty roads as we wind our way up to Crianlarich, except someone didn’t pack his washbag properly and his shaving foam is rolling around the van. Wave, there’s another T25, a custom amongst Dubbers (that’s VW camper drivers to you and me). Lovely views.

 We drive on to Oban a seaside town based around the ferry terminal and fishing boats. Rosie gets her first ferry ticket.  

  The mountains and islands around are stunning in the sunshine as we enjoy CalMac fish and chips.  

Off the ferry at Castlebay and we drive to our first campsite, Borve which is by the sea. We are blown away, almost literally, by the view and it’s 10 O’clock at night when we finally are set up and the sun still hasn’t set.



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