Rosie gets a bit of CraftyGJ magic

I love all things crafty, that is I love making things.  I took early retirement a couple of years ago and wanted to spend some of my time going back to something I really enjoyed – sewing.  I’ve spent the last year catching up on my skills, reminding myself of skills I hadn’t used in thirty years.  It’s like riding a bike – another skill I ought to be using but the bike is still in the shed.  Did I tell you Rosie has a bike rack?  Gonna try it out soon!

Anyway part of the sewing course I undertook with my pals Annette and Andrea included cushions in all sorts of shapes and designs.  Piped cushions, tied cushions, pleated cushions, buttoned cushions, patchwork cushions. Most of them are sitting on our bed….!  What is it about cushions on a bed that looks just right?  And yes I think it’s a woman thing.  Men just don’t get it and my man certainly never puts them back again once he’s made the bed.  Just leaves them lying on the floor like detritus.  Wouldn’t do it with your underpants dear!

So having got Rosie and planning our summer trips, oneimage way Billypops thought he could engage me was to allow me to do my magic on the interior. Rosie has a blue and white finish inside.  When we bought her she had four retro fabric cushions, you know the sixties trend that’s very young and hip at the moment.  But I wanted to put my mark on her. So here you go, new curtains with new tie backs, piped and covered buttons.  To date two new cushions with seaside theme, cos 🎶 I do like to be beside the seaside!🎶

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