And there’s room upstairs for two

imageNow I might be on a very slow burner in terms of warming to Rosie, but as you can see from the pure joy on these two faces, they are very happy.

Another point to Rosie I think.  Grandchildren love campervans.  These two adorable girlies are my granddaughters in their Halloween outfits, trying out the upper bunk for size.  They just lay there and giggled and giggled.

But that’s nothing to the pure joy of a little boy who is obsessed with sitting behind the wheel, switching all the switches and thinks that every outing should be in the ‘van’.  Alex just loves it.image

Campervans are just made for sharing with grandchildren.  Our second trip out was a bright autumn day’s trip to The White Post Farm.


There is only one cross body seat belt in the back so we had to buy a child seat which works with a lap belt.  A necessary expense for such excited little people, so if you get a van and you are carrying littlies, take note. (That’s me sounding like an expert again, giving advice to future campervan fanatics!  Really not true.). The other problem is that you can’t just turn round in your seat when they are demanding your attention and pass them some chocolate to keep them quiet.  They are miles away in the back of the van.  The bonus though is they have fantastic views out of the windows and shouts of ‘There’s a horse in that field’ and ‘There’s a car on the road’ are quite different from the usual ‘I can’t see GJ’ that we get in our car.

So we set off with lots of giggles and excitement in the back and arrived and parked up.  ‘Anyone for a drink?’  ‘YESSS!’ Comes the shout.  So we put the kettle on and Alex takes up his place in the driver’s seat, whilst Freya decides she wants a wee!

Now you know my feelings about toilets but I haven’t told you about our own public convenience. Yes we have a portaloo!  Masking itself as a stool (no pun intended) we do have a toilet for emergencies.  It was raining outside so this was one such emergency and also we couldn’t be bothered getting wet yet.  Freya proceeded to use the loo with fits of giggles and an interested brother in terms of what was inside the stool.  More giggles as Billypops flushed it.  And yes on our first outing I christened it in the middle of the night. Enough said.


Fed and watered we then spent a lovely day at White Post Farm which is highly recommended for its animals, it’s kid-size tractors and the indoor sledge slope.  I did get stuck in the soft play. Not recommended.

image image


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