Welcome Rosie

So I thought I had better introduce you to the new woman in our lives, Rosie.  Rosie is a Volkswagon T25 Reimo (I probably will be corrected!) and is a German conversion right-hand drive. That’s as much of the technical stuff I know.

imageShe has a white and blue interior, LPG to run heating and the fridge and a rock and roll bed.  Don’t think that’s got anything to do with rock n roll music it’s just the term for the back seat converting to a bed.


Rosie has enough room to sleep five, with the double rock and roll bed, a double on top with the roof which expands up and a small child hammock over the front seats.  We also have an awning which fits on the side big enough to sleep four.  But we will probably put tables and chairs out there once we are on our adventures.

The aim is that GJ and Billypop’s can share it with our big kids and grand kids.  All in all she’s compact and neat and tidy.  A little bit of TLC required here and there and she’s ready for the off!

So that’s what I hope the blogs will be now.  Stories about us going off in Rosie.  I wonder how we will get along?

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