And they call it a festival!

Before we found Rosie, Billypops ventured far and wide looking for a campervan, including enticing me away for an overnight stay in the Malverns. I love the Malvern Hills. They remind me of when my aunt and uncle lived there and we walked up ‘them there hills’ with Uncle Dick stalking on ahead whilst the rest of us huffed and puffed behind.

Anyway, said overnight stay culminated in a day’s outing to the VW BusFest.  Now as you will find out on other pages I’m an avid crafter and I like nothing more than going off to exhibitions at the NEC and wandering stalls for hours on end and planning all the wonderful things I want to make.  I suppose whatever your passion then feel free to spend hours doing it.  But VW BusFest was an eye opener.


There were thousands of them for starters. VW vans of all shapes, sizes and ages, customised and uncustomised, and what can only be called wrecks.  And then there were all the stalls to go with every aspect of a campervan – you know those bits of oily metal that like-minded engineers like to hold up and discuss and ponder over.  And every accessory you would ever need to paint, decorate and use in your van.

And the mixture of owners was also an eye-opener too.  All sorts of people of all sorts of shapes, sizes and ages have a passion for campervans. Thousands of them, and surprisingly many of them women.  I never knew!

The saving grace of the day was the VW Bay (yes I’m getting into the lingo!) that sold homemade yoghurt ice cream and the stall selling local beer.  Shhhh… Wasn’t on my Weight Watchers diet sheet!

By the end of the day I was considering what I was letting myself into letting Billypops buy such a vehicle.  Would he turn into a VW Nerd overnight, start sporting a fleece jacket with wolves on, have oily hands from picking up metal engine parts, would he want us to go next year with our campervan and join in the proceedings?  Eeeek!

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